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February 14, 2016 10:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I feel like I’m the only person who didn’t love this movie. I give it a non-committal “meh”. I don’t regret seeing it, and I’ll probably see the sequel, but it didn’t dazzle me like it did so many other people.

First, this movie did something I hate: start with something exciting happening, and then go back in time to show you how events led to that point. It’s a horribly hacky storytelling device that only gets used when the first part of the story isn’t interesting enough to stand on its own.

And that first part of the story was the origin story, which was pretty boring. I’m so tired of seeing origin stories at this point, and I wish Hollywood would just give us the quick 5-minute version, but they seem intent on making every origin take the whole first act. Spiderman 2 did it best: just show you some brief clips at the beginning. Guy gets cancer, guy goes in for risky surgery, guy gets special ability. Origin stories are an essential part of comic characters, but they’re also the least interesting part.

The second act was the best part, with the most humor and crazy stuff going on. I’d gladly watch that again if it wasn’t intercut with the first act, which seems to go on forever. So the best part of the movie was partially ruined.

Then there’s the third act, where the “hero” goes to fight the villain with the help of some “allies”. Unfortunately, this movie continues the Marvel curse of having very dull villains, and this villain is the dullest of them all. His super power is that he can’t feel pain. Yeah…that’s a disability, not a super power. I did quite like the set that the final battle takes place on though.

I loved seeing Colossus, one of my favorite X-Men characters, and his protege, Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Yeah, that’s really her name. Yes, I’m sure Grant Morrison was QUITE high when he created her.

After seeing the movie, I realized that I had seen pretty much everything the movie had to offer in the trailers, and there really wasn’t much that you’d miss if you just watched those.

As for the humor, I didn’t find it as funny as I’d hoped I would. It’s certainly chock full of jokes, but most of them seemed completely unnatural, and I feel like they didn’t live up to Deadpool’s wisecracking potential. They felt more like gags being recited than a quick-witted character’s musings. The excessive swearing was fun, but didn’t seem natural either.

Jeez, I feel like I’m being really negative about it, and I guess I am.

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