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The first Green Lantern movie didn’t do very well, either critically or financially (it broke even). I know it had a lot of problems, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit.

Now that Warner Brothers is planning on making a new Green Lantern movie focusing on the entire Green Lantern Corps (which is the intergalactic peacekeeping force that Hal Jordan and all the other Green Lanterns belong to) I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to see in the next movie – besides a 400-part epic retelling of Geoff Johns’ entire GL run.

Supposedly, the new movie isn’t going to follow the same continuity as the first GL movie. However, that doesn’t mean it has to contradict it either; there’s not much to contradict. The Eric Bana Hulk movie isn’t necessarily in the same “universe” as the Ed Norton Hulk movie, but they don’t contradict each other.

But anyway, here’s what I want to see:

John StewartCapture

The movie is going to focus on Hal Jordan of course, but there are very strong rumors that John Stewart is being added as another human Green Lantern (there are 2 GLs assigned to each sector). Hollywood always has to have a character who knows as much as the audience at the start of the movie (because they think people are stupid). Last time it was Hal, but this time around Hal will probably be the not-quite-seasoned veteran, showing John the ropes. And John’s by-the-books soldier personality will inevitably class with Hal’s seat-of-his-pants daredevil personality.

Also, let’s face it: we need more diversity in our DC movies. Many of these characters are over 50 (or even 75) years old, and come from a time when black people didn’t exist, so it’s good to add characters who aren’t white and/or male to the mix. But more important than that is the fact that John is a great (and popular) character. He was the only GL on the Justice League in the JL animated series, and got a lot of exposure that way.

Tomar ReGreen-lantern-movie-poster-tomar-re-large-01

We didn’t get to see nearly enough of Tomar Re in the first GL movie. In this new one, we should see him continuing to be a mentor to Hal and John. I would absolutely love it if he told the tale of how he tried and failed to save a certain planet from destruction – the sole survivor of which was sent away at the last minute in a rocket, to be raised by a human couple in Smallville, Kansas.

Of course, he’ll have to die. That’s Storytelling 101: the wise mentor has to die to motivate the main characters to become the heroes they need to be. And he’ll probably be killed by…


Sinestro will probably be the main villain of the movie, but they need to make sure that his story is a fall from grace, rather than mustache-twirling evil.

There are two things that I really hope they get right with him. The first is the friendship between him and Hal. When Hal first became his partner, Sinestro didn’t like him at all. But in this new movie, they should be a solid team, both holding tremendous respect for the other’s abilities. When Sinestro turns against the Corps and Hal & John are forced to go after him, it should be like when Obi-Wan was forced to go after Anakin/Vader: the tragedy of the friend-turned foe.

The second thing is that Sinestro always believes that he’s doing the right thing. If we see him becoming the dictator of his home planet, the filmmakers need to make sure that he’s doing it because he’s trying to make things better, rather than because he’s hungry for power. He’s a reluctant despot, not a gleeful one.

I think we need to see Sinestro’s rise and fall in the new movie, and it should end with his banishment to the anti-matter universe, where he starts using the Yellow ring of fear to replace his Green ring of will. And the third movie should be the rise of the Sinestro Corps.

The ManhunterskqR77

I think it’s important to show that, as powerful as the Guardians (who created and lead the GL Corps) are, they’re not infallible, and the Manhunters are their greatest failure. They’re the precursors of the GL Corps, and…oh, just read the image above.

Perhaps the Manhunters’ return could be the main struggle of the movie, or they could be controlled by a different villain (Krona, Sinestro, Mongul, whomever).

Most importantly, the Manhunter story should set the stage for the future rise of Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns (who gain their power from rage), one of the most interesting villains in the GL universe.


I’m just going to shotgun these:

We should see Ganthet being much less cold and distant than the other Guardians, and maybe even stepping up to be a mentor to the main characters when Tomar Re dies.

We should see Kilowogg and other lanterns partner up with Hal, John, and Tomar Re. Maybe Salaak, maybe Ch’p or B’dg, maybe Arisia Rrab, maybe Tomar Tu (Tomar’s son), or Soranik Natu, or Isamot Kil and Vath Sarn, or whomever. I’m not picky.

I’d love to see Mogo, but he would probably need too much screen time, and would be hard to fit into any story without coming off as a deus ex machina (as he often does in the comics).

How about a little nod to Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern? I know he’s not a part of the GL Corps in the comics, but he could be in the movies. Maybe he was Abin Sur’s predecessor.


Anyway, I’m sure there are plenty of other people out there with ideas of their own, so feel free to share them.


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