The Flash #1

November 4, 2011 12:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Well, so much for the Flash’s expansive back-story. Seems that most of it has been cleared away and everything reset, except that Barry Allen is already The Flash. (There’s no re-telling of the splashed-with-chemicals-while-simultaneously-being-hit-by-lightning origin story here, thankfully.)

I don’t want that to sound negative though. It’s probably a good thing that most of the character’s baggage has been removed, so future writers can focus on creating new baggage. For example, Barry’s dating Patty Spivot, a co-worker, rather than Iris West, who was his wife before the reboot. I don’t doubt that he’ll eventually wind up with Iris again, but it’s interesting to see them putting off that relationship for a while. (Besides, Patty’s hotter.)

I’ve also gotta wonder where the other Flashes are. I haven’t seen any of the old Justice Society characters anywhere (Jay Garrick included), so I wonder if they’re going to be separated from the main DC continuity again. Kid Flash/Bart Allen is in the new Teen Titans book, so where’s Wally West?

Anyway, this book starts a new mystery for Flash to solve, and it seems pretty interesting so far.

Verdict: It’s classic Flash, minus the baggage.

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