Aquaman #1

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Like the Wonder Woman book, this new issue of Aquaman was a big surprise to me. I don’t really care about Aquaman, although I did like his parts in Blackest Night & Brightest Day. The parts that were the least interesting to me were…everything that was underwater. Like Wonder Woman and Paradise Island, Aquaman in Atlantis was always pretty boring to me.

But this is a Geoff Johns book. Like he has done several times in the past, Johns has taken Aquaman, pulled out the stuff that sucks, and amped up the stuff that’s cool. Now, Aquaman is actually a really cool character, who’s much more grounded – emotionally and terrestrially.

The “vibe” I got is that Aquaman is mostly done with his past as King of Atlantis (at least for now), and just wants to put all his baggage behind him and get back to fighting crime and being with his wife.

Aquaman shows that he can be a badass too, and in a lot of ways, Johns shows that he’s aware that the character has become a joke to a lot of people, so he addresses that so he can put it in the past too. There’s also plenty of humor (the scene in the diner is classic) and you really get to learn what makes Aquaman tick.

Verdict: Holy crap! Aquaman is awesome!

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