Captain Atom #1

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Captain Atom is one of those characters who’s not familiar to mainstream audiences. In fact, he sounds like a stereotypical Cold War superhero. And…that’s true in a lot of ways. But I’ve come to like the character, first through his appearances on the Justice League animated series, and recently through the Justice League International: Generation Lost series. I thought he was great as part of the JLI, so I’m sorry to see that he’s no longer with the team.

I can’t talk about Captain Atom without bringing up his connection to Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen. Atom and several other Charlton Comics characters were going to be the main characters in Watchmen, but new characters were created instead, closely based on the originals. Atom has never reached the godlike power of Manhattan, but he can fly, absorb energy, and blast people with energy.

However, this comic seems to be taking the character in some interesting new directions. His powers are growing and changing, and he finds himself able to manipulate matter itself at the atomic level. And he has commented in the past about feeling more and more disconnected from humanity, which makes me wonder if DC is gradually making him into Doctor Manhattan (not literally, of course). That’s one of the big mysteries that this series seems poised to address.

Anyway, he’s a surprisingly likable character, and I do want to see where this goes.

Verdict: Sure, why not?

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