Superman #1

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I’m skipping ahead a little here, which shouldn’t be a problem, since I’m already so far behind.

It surprises even myself to admit that I’ve read very few Superman comics in my life. I watched his most recent animated series, I watched the Justice League series, and I’ve read numerous cross-over comics with him in them, but the only time I’ve ever read a Superman comic was the “Superman: Sacrifice” TPB (which is excellent, by the way).

This issue begins with some pretty major changes to Superman’s world, and also to the man himself. The most shocking, to me, occurs on the first page: the destruction of the Daily Planet building. The old tower, with iconic globe still attached, is demolished to make way for a new, sleeker, bigger headquarters.

And the Daily Planet, once the pinnacle of journalistic excellence, has been bought out by…well, it might as well be Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. In fact, there’s a surprising amount of thinly-veiled criticism of News Corp’s sensationalist, distorting tactics. You can look at this as the beginning of the end of the Daily Planet, which is quite sad.

Oh right. Superman. Yeah, he’s in this. He seems to have been powered-down again, and hasn’t been around very long (someone mentions that it wasn’t very long ago that Superman could only jump, not fly). Clark and Lois aren’t dating/married, and she doesn’t seem to know that Clark is Superman. Clark also seems more moody and/or brooding, but that may just be due to the changes at the Planet.

Eventually, of course, an adversary shows up for Superman to fight, which gives Superman the opportunity to send the old Daily Planet globe out in a proper blaze of glory.

I’ve gotta admit, I don’t really like that they’ve changed so much about Superman’s world. But I understand why they did it. It has to be really hard coming up with new stories for a character that’s 73 years old and was more powerful than pretty much anything else on the printed page. So you roll back the years, you tone down the powers, and you move the proverbial train to the start of the line.

The changes to Superman’s costume are fairly minor, and I don’t mind any of them. I’m glad they finally got rid of the red underwear, although I wish they had kept the utility belt yellow instead of red. (Has anyone ever seen Superman take anything out of those pouches?) The slightly-armored look is fine too. It looks more modern than spandex, and it really doesn’t matter what a bulletproof man is wearing anyway. He could fly around naked and be just as protected.

I’m still not sure how this connects with the new Action Comics. AC apparently takes place in the past – maybe 5 or 10 years in the past? Is it connected at all?

Verdict: Sure, I’ll see where this goes

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