Green Lantern: New Guardians #1

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In the past few years, the world of the Green Lantern comics has become far more complex, thanks to the addition of SEVEN more Lantern Corps (with Green and Yellow, it’s now up to nine).

The Guardians of the Universe – short, blue, brainy aliens – have led the Green Lantern Corps since its beginning, but many Lanterns (especially the human ones) have been butting heads with them for a long time now. So when I hear the phrase “New Guardians”, I think that maybe their time is done, and a new council of Guardians – representing each of the Lantern Corps – could be on the way. That’s just speculation, of course.

The book opens with a bit of a hiccup. For the first few pages, it retells the story of how Kyle Rayner became a Green Lantern. But unless you’re familiar with that story, you might not realize that it takes place in the past, because it doesn’t say so.

But once the story shifts back to “present day”, the fun really begins. A series of short scenes shows a power ring from each of the Lantern corps abandoning its owner and flying off to find its new¬†owner. Danger ensues.

I’m really interested in seeing where this goes. I love all this multiple-Lantern-Corps stuff, and it’d be interesting to see some sort of guiding council, with a representative from each Corps having a seat. None of them are truly good (except perhaps the Blue Corps) and none of them are truly evil, so it should lead to some very interesting conflicts and alliances. IF that’s what they’re going for, of course.


Verdict: Very promising, very fun

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