Batman #1

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I feel like I’ve already written this review. After all, there are ELEVEN Batman-related comics in the New 52 relaunch, and he shows up in a few others too.

This is basically Batman getting back to Batmaning. Bruce Wayne returns as Gotham’s full-time Batman after Dick Grayson had been filling in for him during the last year or so. The book opens with Batman kicking ass in the middle of Arkham, fighting his way through his rogues gallery. Then the Joker shows up, and the unexpected happens. That was really cool, and I don’t want to spoil that part, but the payoff was a little disappointing.

Anyway, back to the rogues gallery. None of them have changed (at least no more than you expect them to change from artist to artist) except for the Riddler. And I’ve gotta admit, I hate this new Riddler. He has a question mark-shaped short mohawk, and question mark tattoos all over his head. Maybe this is just something he’s trying during his stay in Arkham, and that’s fine. But I hope it’s not permanent. I’ve always enjoyed the Riddler as a highbrow¬†narcissistic¬†thief, rather than yet another shaved-head, tattooed, street-level thug. He shouldn’t be made into a tough guy; he should be protected by his own smarts, and if Batman ever gets past the Riddler’s plans and traps and gadgets, he should fully expect Batman to kick his ass.

Anyway, once the necessary reintroductions are taken care of, the book begins to lay out an interesting new mystery. This is Detective Batman at his finest, and the writers seem to have taken great care in placing Batman within the world, rather than just peering down over everything. The scenes with Harvey Bullock are great, and I would love to see a Bullock and Batman series where the two are paired up for a while.

Verdict: Even more great Batman goodness

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