Red Lanterns #1

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The Red Lantern Corps is a pretty new group of characters, and we don’t actually know very much about them. As the Green Lantern Corps gets its power from the emotion of Will, the Red Lanterns get their power from the emotion of Rage.

It’s easy to look at them as another group of “bad guys”, and I was afraid that DC would treat them as such, but fortunately that’s not the case (so far). The writers seem to recognize that rage isn’t necessarily evil – though it can certainly be used for evil – just as will isn’t purely good.

The book opens with a great two-page spread of my favorite Red Lantern, Dex-Starr (a very pissed-off housecat from Earth), attacking a group of alien sadists. And that begins to show you what the ethics of the Red Lantern Corps is shaping up to be. They don’t inflict unnecessary pain, but they willingly kill those who are “evil”.

The book also seems to show that Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lanterns, is going to try to shape the corps into a more disciplined, goal-oriented bunch. The other lanterns, however, seem content to mindlessly fight against each other in their downtime.

This is one I’m definitely going to follow, because it seems like such a cool concept, and I really like the (few) established characters.

Verdict: Love it. Keep it coming.

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