Green Arrow #1

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I’ve never really gotten into the Green Arrow comics, but I’m not sure why. I really liked him on the Justice League animated series, and on Smallville, and in the animated short that was released with Superman/Shazam, and even various crossover books, especially Identity Crisis. But I’ve never read an actual Green Arrow comic, before now.

It’s easy for people to overlook him too. He’s a billionaire playboy who wears a mask, has no superpowers, fights crime with well-honed martial arts skills, and uses a wide assortment of gadgets to take down his opponents. If that sounds appealing to you, you’re probably already reading Batman.

But what I like about Green Arrow are the things that make him different from Batman. For starters, he’s “ranged DPS”, not “melee DPS”. He also has more of a sense of humor, and he’s a liberal, which can lead to some pretty interesting philosophical discussions (and differences) between him and other characters.

The New 52 reboot seems to have altered him very slightly. His company, Queen Industries, seems to be more like Apple, with a focus on consumer electronics (Q-Pad, Q-Phone, etc.), which makes Oliver Queen a crime-fighting Steve Jobs in a way. He also doesn’t have his awesome goatee anymore, and I hope they add it back soon.

He has also been moved to Seattle, which is something I’ve noticed DC has done with a lot of other characters. They seem to be trying to ground these comics in the real world, in real cities, rather than having them take place in fictional places like “Star City”. (Obviously, they couldn’t get rid of Metropolis and Gotham.)

This comic is introductory, as are all the other New 52 comics, but gives new readers a good idea of what Green Arrow’s abilities and style are, and introduces the audience to some other characters – allies and enemies. I have no idea if any of them are new or returning characters, so it’s quite likely that I’m missing something.

Verdict: Could be pretty fun.

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