Batgirl #1

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There’s a rather long history behind the Batgirl mantle.

Betty Kane was the first, who was created to fight accusations that Batman and Robin were gay lovers. She eventually became Flamebird. Then there was Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, who was Batgirl until the Joker shot and paralized her, and then she became Oracle, the tech girl hacker information guru for the whole Batman “family”, and leader of the Birds of Prey. Then there was Helena Bertinelli (normally Huntress) and Cassandra Cain (now Blackbat), and the most recent was Stephanie Brown, formerly the 4th Robin, formerly and occasionally Spoiler. Holy crap, that was convoluted.

This Batgirl is Barbara Gordon once again, her paralysis cured. She goes back to crimefighting – of course – and has apparently abandoned her duties as Oracle, which makes me wonder who’s filling her place.

Barbara is a fan favorite, and for most people she’s the de facto Batgirl. After all, she’s been a Batman ally for a long time, she’s the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, she was Batgirl on the Batman Animated Series, and is the police commissioner in Batman Beyond (I sure hope that comic series comes back). And because of all her history, she should have a lot of back-story support for future stories. It would be great to see her trying to get revenge on the Joker for shooting her, like how Damian Wayne almost beating Joker to death as revenge for Jason Todd.

The villain of this piece seems interesting, and I like that they’ve shown that although Barbara’s physical wounds have been healed, her mental ones still persist. That said, so far I’m not really hooked. I’ll keep reading it for a while, but it’s not something I can see myself sticking with long-term.

Verdict: Shows promise, but didn’t quite grab me yet.

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