O.M.A.C. #1

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It seems that much of what I thought I knew about the New 52 was wrong.

The “OMAC” concept has a long and varied history. Jack Kirby created the OMAC character as a version of Captain America, back in the 70’s. Back then, it stood for “One Man Army Corps”, but the definition changed when DC completely changed what OMAC was. In about 2005, the modern-day version of “The OMAC Project” was introduced as some sort of virus that could infect humans all over the world and, when activated, would transform its hosts into super-powerful robot drones, being controlled by a satellite called “Brother Eye”. In other words, definitely not Captain America anymore.

When I first saw the cover of this book, and saw that the new OMAC was just a single big blue guy, I thought that DC was trying to bring back the old Kirby character, and toss out the OMAC Project/Brother Eye stuff entirely. In fact, it seems that DC kept many of their previous storylines intact.

Anyway, what the hell is this book about? The short version: a big blue guy smashes his way through a Cadmus research lab. That may sound lame, but it was actually pretty awesome. There are lots of freaky-weird looking characters here, and an early-90’s aura of bombasticity. It does a good job of introducing some new mysteries to solve, such as what’s up with this new, semi-sentient OMAC cyborg, and what is Brother Eye planning?

Overall, this book is mostly about spectacle and showing readers a good time. Which comes as a big surprise to me, because I thought it would suck.

Verdict: Surprisingly awesome.

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