Detective Comics #1

September 12, 2011 9:43 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I’ve got the same questions about Detective Comics’ place in the DC continuity as I do about Action Comics, so I’ll save us all some time and not repeat myself. The length of Batman’s ears and the color in Gordon’s mustache suggest that this happens in Batman’s earlier days.

Apparently, none of Batman’s backstory or history┬áhas changed, which I’m very glad about, since there’s so much great stuff out there. But that doesn’t mean that this book can’t act as an introduction to the character for new readers. It’s a simple story and pretty much only focuses on two characters, Batman and the Joker, both of whom are very familiar even to people who’ve never read a previous issue.

What’s here is quite compelling, and the final page is extremely creepy, and may actually up the ante of Joker’s craziness. The art is great, especially the two-page spread.

Verdict: Like it. Love it. Gotta have it.

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