Justice League International #1

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I became a big fan of the JLI after reading the JLI: Generation Lost story arc recently (part of the Brightest Day storyline…kinda). I was already a fan of Booster Gold, and the rest of the characters really grew on me – especially the new Rocket Red. So in a way, it’s a shame to have to start over.

Anyway, let’s see what we’ve got here. This shows us the formation of the new JLI (surprise, surprise) as an international crimefighting group for the United Nations. I don’t know how the original JLI formed, or who they answered to originally, but it’s an interesting concept.

Most of the characters from Generation Lost are here. Booster Gold is officially the leader now, and he’s back to being less-than-respected in the superhero community (and perhaps still a bit of a sell-out).

The latest version of Rocket Red is also back (Gavril Ivanovich) although he doesn’t seem to be as much of a communist anymore (no more “CCCP” on his helmet), which was always an amusing aspect of his personality. He also doesn’t get along very well with the Chinese member of the team, which will probably lead to some awkward and funny situations until the two become inseparable friends. I also don’t like that his armor is much more compact now; I preferred seeing him as a hulking battlebot.

Speaking of the Chinese member, a new addition to the team is August General In Iron (yes, that’s his name) who I know almost nothing about. I guess he’s armored and strong…other than that, I have no idea. So far he seems pretty stuck-up and humorless, but we’ll see how that goes.

Then we’ve got Fire and Ice, who are both cool characters. Then there’s Vixen, who can take on animal aspects (this is probably where Blizzard got that idea for Hunters in WoW) and Lady Godiva who…I don’t know…has some sort of hair-based powers? Then there’s Guy Gardner, providing some much-needed jackassery to the team, and finally Batman…for some reason. I’m not sure why they included Batman except to sell more issues, and I could easily see him leaving the team on its own once it gets settled. After all, there are now TWELVE Batman-related ongoing comic series.

Oh, I almost forgot, Captain Atom is not a part of the team. He (and many other superheroes) appearsĀ in the first few pages, but there’s no other mention of him. I really liked him in Generation Lost, so it’s a shame to see him gone. I’m sure I’ll find out where he’s been moved eventually.

Verdict: Will probably become something really fun.

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