Swamp Thing #1

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I didn’t give a damn about Swamp Thing until about a year ago, when I read Alan Moore’s “Saga of the Swamp Thing” series on the recommendation of Kevin Smith. I was astonished by how good those books are, and how nuanced and complex the character is. It was one of the first genuinely creepy comics I’ve ever read, and I often recommend it to other people, even though I know most people probably have the same “don’t care” attitude about the character that I had.

Besides Saga, the only other ST books I’ve read were the ones in the recent Brightest Day series, and the Aftermath books. Those re-introduced me to the character, while at the same time making some very interesting changes to him. I wasn’t sure how Swamp Thing would be handled in the reboot, but fortunately it’s basically a direct continuation, following the Brightest Day events to the letter.

When we first see Alec Holland (who became Swamp Thing…more or less) he’s working as a construction worker building a house. At first I thought “oh great, they changed his origin and dumbed him down”, but it quickly became clear that wasn’t true; this is the same Alec Holland who was resurrected at the end of Brightest Day.

Like the other #1 issues, this is mostly reintroduction to the characters, but is clear that the creepiness and horror of Alan Moore’s run will be present here as well.

I also really like the artwork in the book, and I especially like the inker’s strong line work. One minor quibble is that Superman looks kinda fat-faced.

Verdict: it’s being done right. Can’t wait for more.

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