July 16 2011

Maus, by Art Spiegelman

I can’t really say anything about this book that wasn’t better said in the book jacket, so I’ll just share some of my own thoughts.

I really grew to like Vladek (the author’s father) over the course of the book. It was interesting that the author used his speech patterns and mannerisms more or less verbatum, because they’re a little difficult to follow at times, like “these things we learned only much later”. But once you get used to reading them in the voice of a stereotypical New York Jew, they become much easier to follow.

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July 15 2011

Sooooo…capital punishment…

I’m sure this one won’t be controversial at all.

We’re reading The Last Day of a Condemned Man, by Victor Hugo, for my monthly book club. It’s the journal of a man in 1820s France who has been sentenced to execution. Needless to say, we will be talking at great length about capital punishment at our next book club meeting, because this book is very much against it. I suggested that everyone in the club write down what their current opinions on capital punishment are, to see if/how they change after reading the book. I’ll probably be the only one to actually do that.

I know this is a rather volatile topic, so only read on if you’re open to considering opinions that may be different from your own. And that’s really all this is – opinion – and I’ll try to avoid using any biased information. As always, if you disagree, please let me know – nicely.

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